Hangar Bar

Hangar Bar Prague beautifully recreates the look and feel of 1940s–1960s aviation with sexy uniforms and elaborate interior design and all — have you seen Catch Me If You Can? In its style it brings together the aesthetics of PAN AM, a pioneering, now defunct airline in the Pilot’s Lounge, with a homage to military and stunt flight in the Hangar Club below.

Hangar Bar is two things: a great place to sip a quiet cocktail and enjoy some food in an elaborate retro atmosphere. And, a the same time, a place to dance your heart out and let go until late in the morning.

Oh, and their bar is on fire!

Pop, Rock, Oldies, New Songs

No Dress Code

Dušní 9, Prague 1


17:00 - 04:00


17:00 - 04:00


17:00 - 06:00


17:00 - 06:00


17:00 - 06:00


17:00 - 06:00


17:00 - 04:00

Free entrance

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