Zephyr Excelent Urban Pub

Young Czech Gastro Pub with a Dance Floor | Charts

Zephyr Excelent Urban Pub accepts the Prague Nightlife Ticket

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Zephyr Excelent Urban Pub

Free Entrance

Until 23:30 with the Prague Nightlife Ticket

Free Shot

With the Prague Nightlife Ticket



Dress Code

No Dress Code

Opening Hours

  • Fri–Sat: 11:00–04:00
  • Sun–Thurs: 11:00–24:00


  • Michalská 13, Prague 1

Zephyr is part of the new generation of signature gastro pubs the big Czech breweries use to show case their newest innovations in brewing and serving.

But Zephyr is a younger, urban incarnation where the concept doesn’t just include pub food but also a dance floor and parties on the weekends!

The brewery behind it is Czech giant Gambrinus. Gambrinus Excelent is one of its latest types, brewed with a new, unique triple-hopping method.

At Zephyr Excelent is served from tanks (rather than kegs or bottles). That means it’s fresh, naturally carbonised and free of preservatives.

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